Friday, August 21, 2009

The Big Rejection

I got my notice this week from the NY Editor. She has passed on my women's fiction manuscript after reviewing the first 50 pages. She wrote, "After several reads and much discussion, the overall consensus was that the writing wasn’t strong enough for our list." That sounds about right to me. I know my writing is much stronger now than what is was in that first manuscript.

So, I've decided to shelve my first manuscript for now. I don't have time to go back and revise the entire novel. I am much more engaged in writing a great contemporary romance that will get me my agent and my first publishing contract.

This rejection didn't hit as hard as some of the first ones. I have grown a thicker skin, I know. But more than that, I have such a strong belief in the story I am currently writing, I know I will get the "yes" letter sooner rather than later.

Plus, my support system of True Colors, my hubby and my mother kept my spirits up for two days via email as they discussed their views of my writing talents. Thanks Friends and Family! I love you all, too!

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