Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Missing Someone

Oh, boy. I finished chapter seven last week in The Billionaire's Pilot and realized I'd lost someone in the previous three chapters.

Dan Jacobs is Evan Mitchell's highly indispensable executive assistant. He was on the airplane to San Miguel, and he was on the plane flying away from San Miguel. But for three days, he disappeared from the story. On Friday the plane landed on the Caribbean island and poof! we lost Dan, until Evan and Cassie left the island on Sunday.

It was actually a great discovery (except for the extra work it would now require to insert him back in the story). Having him on the island with the hero and heroine gives me the opportunity to use him for conflict or not. Currently, I've tucked him away in the guest house, but I might pull him out to run some interference with the newly fake-engaged couple. I can't decide if he's the fairy godfather of the story or the villain. Or the villain disguised as the fairy godfather or vice-versa. Ah, the possibilities are endless. Must keep writing to see how this story will unfold.

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  1. So, he's kind of like that one character in General Hospital (one of the main family's son's) that went to the attic to get his skis but never came back? :)