Friday, July 26, 2013

Confession good for the soul.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been struggling in a writer's black hole. My thoughts can't focus on a single scene, and I haven't made any progress on any projects in the past four months.

Since I confessed this, my muse has returned for a brief visit. My writing alter ego who writes the steamy stories began the first scene of a new book. What joy!

Earlier this week, I also confessed a painful truth to my hubby. I told him I was afraid if I didn't lose 10-15 pounds before the end of August, I was going to have buy new clothes to start the school year. And I'd just bought a new set of clothes for myself the previous fall, I really don't want to spend all that money again.

The morning after my confession, I had such a renewed sense of motivation about taking care of myself. I set my alarm early to exercise, and I used a food journal to write down everything, which I have continued to do all week.

Why is sharing our struggles with someone else so important? Why does it relieve some of the burden of our challenges?


  1. It takes the struggle out of the dark and into the sunshine. Putting a new light on it makes it easier to see what we need to do. Also sharing the burden with a loved one or friend helps relieve the shame. When you expose shame it is no longer the enemy.

  2. Beautifully said!
    Thanks you, The Proud Mom.

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  4. Best of luck to you Andrea! I had a creative block that lasted a long time that was fear glad it ended. Best of luck to you and your new lifestyle as well! :)

  5. Being able to admit there is a problem is step one of twelve, right? :)

  6. Thanks, Stacy!

    So true, Joanne... :)

  7. My problem is that I have so many writing projects going at the same time that I cannot decide on which one I should focus on completing. I will follow your advice and share my inner struggles with somebody else. I found your book 2Baltimore Heat" to be a page turner but you must have had a battle in completing it.