Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amidst the Chaos

Sometimes it is good for the ego to pat yourself on the back. So here is the pictorial evidence of the chaos that existed in my life as I wrote the final words on my latest completed manuscript. Amidst the Girl Cave renovations, I sat at my crowded dining room table and finished the book.

Can you spot the gray cat sprawled belly up between the chair and the table?
This is not the suspected offender.

Here is the Girl Cave pre-renovation. Some may say the chaos looks the same...

And here is the Girl Cave mid-renovation, prior to pulling up the carpet.

That's a queen sized Murphy bed laying on its side without the mattress.

The flooring has been delivered. This weekend we will pull up the carpet and padding, install the new padding and hopefully install the new flooring with ease. (and not a lot of marital woe.)

Wish us luck!

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