Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty New Website

Yea! My pretty, new website is complete and live! I am so grateful to my friend Kris Norris for her web designing expertise. She made everything sound so easy as she made her adjustments on IWeb on her Mac. For me, it would have taken lots of hair pulling, ranting, and a few migraines thrown on top. There is definitely something to be said for paying someone else for their expertise, rather than doing it yourself.

Now I hope the do-it-yourself project my hubby and I have in progress turns out as well. Check out tomorrow's post to find out which room in the house is unexpectedly being renovated and why.

Have a great day. And oh, yeah! Check out the new website!


  1. Your new website is wonderful. Congratulations on another step towards your goal to be published with your wonderful stories. I am so proud of you!