Thursday, September 16, 2010

Behold the Power of the Shower Muse

Ahhhh! I feel so relieved. The shower muse has pulled through again and has gotten Mr. Hero from my next book talking to me.

I've been a little concerned since I finished my last manuscript in July that I wasn't rearing to go on my next project. I was feeling lackluster and ambivalent about jumping into a new book. I knew I needed a little breather, but it was going on two months!

Then in the shower yesterday morning, when I really didn't have a lot of time to spare in my morning routine, my muse delivered the opening 250 words of my next book. I had to forgo shaving my legs for the day because I had to hop out as fast as I could and write down the words before they lost their freshness. It felt so good to fill a page and a half of the notebook I leave on the bathroom counter. It's been looking blankly back at me for too long.

This doesn't mean I haven't been writing for the past two months. I've been completing a novella in another genre, and wouldn't you know it, I finished that one a day before my muse delivered the opening lines of my next book. I guess she couldn't multitask these past two months.

I don't blame her for hiding and waiting for things to get quiet around this house. Having three talkative boys home all summer was sending me deeper and deeper into my novel reading as well. It was such a relief to have them all trotted off to school last week and to get the house to myself. Now I can listen to my music all day as loudly as I like, and I don't have to listen to any asinine television programs.

Ah, peace and solitude. Gotta love fall.

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