Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning!

Yay! Monday! A new day at the beginning of a new week. Time to shed off the trials and tribulations of the previous week and start fresh.

I feel like I've been stalled in chapter 3 of my latest WIP. When I looked at my total word count from last week, it was obvious that I was indeed stalled. I only wrote about 1500 words when I usually write 5K, and I only wrote 4 out of 5 days.

So now it's Monday and a chance to start out the week right with lots of writing. I'm re-energized about my story too. I met with my critique partners on Friday and they got their first look at my new WIP. Lots of great suggestions for chapter one. (Those first chapters are so hard to get exactly right.) And they had lots of enthusiasm about my story. (It's so much more enjoyable to write for an audience.) I also had some breakthrough ideas on the exercise bike this morning, so I am rearing to get started.

Happy Monday!

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