Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Print!

For those of you who love their books with actual pages, Baltimore Heat is now available in print format. You can order through Amazon here and from Barnes and Noble here. (At the time of this post, B&N was offering 28% off the print copy!)

At the end of a busy workweek, young businesswoman Raquel Walsh merely wants to shorten the distance between her and the train station while she searches for a taxi. She never expects to find herself lost in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, the victim of a mugging and the unexpected houseguest of the grandmother of a retired, professional basketball player.

Marcus Jones isn't in the market for a new woman as he nears the end of his self-imposed year of celibacy after his vicious breakup with last gold-digging girlfriend. Having to play host to a homeless woman for the weekend is messing with his plans, as Raquel distracts him with her curvy, womanly figure and her tendency to land on her face.

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