Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Writing again

Oh, I'm so excited to be in the early stages of writing a new book. Actually it's not a "new" book. I did extensive plotting for it last June. Oh my, has it been a year?!? And I last worked on it in October '08. Then I got busy with an idea for my historical western short story, which I submitted to an online publisher last month. I dallied in another genre and sold two short stories under a pen name, and I revised and submitted my women's fiction to an editor in NY, whom I'm still waiting to hear from.

Sooooooo, now I am returning to the series romance I began last summer. It must be my summer book. It will be a great beach read when it's published. I just have to finish writing it, which is going quite well. I've been finishing about a scene a day and printing out my 'dailies' for my hubby to read when he gets home from work. After each reading, he looks up and says, "Okay, I want to read more." And I say, "Okay, I have to write more!"

It's so easy to forget how good it feels to be in the creative phase of writing after doing so much revising this spring. I love getting to know my new set of characters and dreaming about signing a publishing contract for this one.

I don't know why I procrastinated for two weeks, laying on the couch reading Suzanne Brockmann everyday when I could be experiencing the pleasure of writing my own stories.

Yeah, actually I do know why.
No matter how much I enjoy the creative process, it is still work. And reading someone else's published work is still play. And I'd much rather play if given the choice!

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