Friday, August 7, 2009

It's outta here.

So, I took the suggestions from the last rejection letter of my historical western romance, and I revised my first 3 chapters. Using Margie Lawson's Deep Edits color-coded system, it was a fast and fun (I liked playing with my new highlighting markers) revision. Then I whipped out a new query letter and submitted to another epublisher. Now I sit and twiddle my fingers as I wait 1- 12 weeks for a response.

NO! Of course, I don't sit and twiddle my fingers as I wait.

There are other stories that need to be written as I wait. My contemporary romance is within six chapters of being finished. I've made incredible progress on it this summer even with the three boys home all day, thanks in large part to my weekly critique partners who have kept me on-task and enthusiastic about my story.

Yesterday, we did a marathon critique day. We'd missed last week due to my vacation, so we prepared 4 chapters each this week. 4 chapters! We read and laughed and critiqued and ate and read and critiqued and laughed and ate some more. After 6 hours(!) we had bitten off a big chunk of each of our stories, and we parted in good spirits. But boy, I was spent after all that concentration and those belly laughs.

So, if you are so obliged, I would love to add your crossed fingers to mine as I wait to hear back from the publishers.



  1. Okay - I crossed my fingers, but then it's hard to type. So I'll have to just cross them in my mind. Will that work?

  2. Yes! Thanks! Virtually crossed fingers are the best! Thanks, Patty.