Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rejection Letters

Progress can be measured by the length of the rejection letter. It doesn't take very much space to write, "Nope, your project isn't for me." But why? Is the writing poor or is the storyline boring? What makes this project not for you?

Last month I could see tangible evidence for the improvement in my writing when I got a six paragraph rejection letter. 6 Paragraphs!!! She totally detailed what she thought I needed to improve in my story to make it better. If it was a worthless piece of nothing, she would never have taken the time to write such a lengthy critique.

She complimented me on my "interesting premise" and my "lovely writer's voice". So I am making progress, moving further away from the form rejection, "No thank you, this project isn't for me."

Yeah, the five paragraphs that didn't include compliments were hard to read, but after a few chocolate bars I stopped moaning and hugging myself.

This month I will tackle her critique suggestions, make the revisions and submit to another publisher. I'm close, I can feel it.


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