Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter NaNo: In the Home Stretch

3 more days of writing.
4368 words to go.
Totally doable.

It will be interesting to go back and sort through this writing when it is done. How much will be usable? How much will be deletable? How much will be laughable? :D

It's been a great challenge. I'm so glad I chose to participate. It's gotten my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard everyday. I would never be this far along in my WIP without this challenge. And it's not been too much of a stretch. I've learned I can knock off 1200 words in a little over an hour. I should be writing at least that much everyday, anyway.

The key is consistency. Doing it everyday, so I don't fall behind and have to play catch-up. Yeah, consistency. Not one of my strengths, but I've managed to work it this past month.

(And I've chewed more gum in the past 5 weeks, than I have in the last 5 years.)

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  1. How does the gum chewing relate to your writing? Do you "chew" your ideas? Or is chewing an alternative to something else - like eating?