Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad, bad blogger

I'm a bad, bad blogger. Haven't been seen around here since May, but I have been posting every month at Grand Rapids Region Writer Group on my designated day, the 4th of the month. So maybe I'm only a bad blogger, rather than a bad, bad blogger. Such distinctions matter.

Side note: I just overheard my 7 year old tell my 12 year old that he poops like a girl. What level of insult is this?

Anyway, back to the writing life. My contemporary romances have been on hiatus the last few months as my alter ego has been busy writing and releasing erotic romances. I am still waiting to hear about my submission of Baltimore Heat to two publishers, and while I wait I am attempting to revise the story to fit the Harlequin SuperRomance imprint line. To do so, I need to cut 10K words, which might actually help the story as I've received feedback that the pacing slows down in some areas.

I will definitely be returning to The Billionaire's Pilot in the next few weeks as I must finish it before November 30 for the ROAR contest sponsored by GRRWG.

And I have a new job starting next month. I will be teaching English 101 at a local community college. Now I can help the next generation learn the proper location of commas and how to write in complete sentences. Should be interesting. I'm sure they will be teaching me a lot about the world from their perspective as well. Perhaps material for a new book will come out of it.

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