Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Teacher Syndrome

Ah, yes...the first semester of teaching. The prep time is always twice (or more) as long as you expect it to take. Somehow I thought I'd be able to fit writing in around the teaching, the prepping and the grading, but unfortunately, I was a bit too optimistic. Sadly, my writing has taken a backseat to teaching this semester.

On to the good news/bad news for next semester... Because I am so low on the adjunct totem pole, the classes I'd like to teach next semester have already been grabbed by those higher on up. And that means starting in December, I will have plenty of time to get back to my writing. Yay!

I will miss the teaching, but this hiatus will only be temporary as I might have a chance to teach over the summer, and there's always next fall. Perhaps this is the perfect solution to finding the balance between teaching and writing - focus on one at a time for a select number of months per year.

I'm not completely removed from writing this fall. I'm still looking for a publishing home for Baltimore Heat, and working on submissions.

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