Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day!

The first one of the year! YAY! But why is it that Mom is the only one capable of sleeping in? Even my nearly-a-teenager was too excited to sleep. He reports that he woke at 3 am, 4 and 5 am to check his tablet for the school closing. Then he was never really able to get back to sleep.

I think the days when the three boys are excited to play out in the fresh snow are over. *sniff* I had to threaten bodily injury to get them outside to shovel the front walk. I figured once they were out they would start digging tunnels and sledding down our puny hill, like in days past. I was sadly mistaken.

Once the front walk was shoveled, I could barely keep them outside long enough to snap some pictures. I was rewarded with the sulkiest of looks from my nearly-a-teenager. When I told him that was the face that was going to be on his grandparents' calendars next year, the frown got deeper. The grandparents are going to love it! :D

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